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Gaohua Group International Co., Ltd

  • Booth No.:9K05
  • Brand:Clover
  • Business Nature:生产商,OEM/ODM
  • Product Catagory: 内衣 内裤-UNDERPANTS 泳装&沙滩装-SWIMWEAR&AMP-BEACHWEAR
  • Website:None

Company Profile

Gaohua group: professional production of senior underwear for 60 years

Just like many successful enterprises, Gaohua's business empire started from a small business. Founded in 1956 in Hong Kong, the company employed only 50 people in its underwear factory. However, in the following decades, it has witnessed Gao Hua's continuous pursuit of reform and innovation, professional technology and exquisite craftsmanship. In the face of rapidly changing market challenges, Gaohua always responds quickly with flexible operation. In 1979, we set up a factory in Thailand, which is a typical example of flexible operation. This strategy successfully provides customers with a richer and more diversified production model. Our business expansion is also seen in the growing OEM and ODM sectors. After more than half a century of practical operation, Gaohua has developed into a mature global enterprise, with not only production lines throughout China and India and other places, but also a professional team of 8300 people. Up to now, the annual underwear production of Gaohua is up to millions, which not only makes us become the first choice partner of global famous brands, but also strengthens the leading position of Gaohua as a senior underwear manufacturer.

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