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Guangdong Xinyi underwear Group Co., Ltd

  • Booth No.:1C07
  • Brand:Yogirl
  • Business Nature:品牌商,生产商
  • Product Catagory: 内衣 内裤-UNDERPANTS
  • Website:http://www.sunnyuw.cn/

Company Profile

Guangdong Xinyi Group Underwear Co., Ltd. is a large-scale underwear enterprise with a history of 31 years, integrating R & D, design, manufacturing, brand marketing, international trade and technical services. It has more than 1000 employees, a building area of more than 30000 square meters, more than 1000 sets of advanced production and testing equipment, a special testing room and professional quality The annual production capacity is millions of pieces.

The company has four independent brands, i.e. Emmanuel, sareni, faaman and yogirl, with more than 3000 specialty stores and chain stores.

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