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Wuxi Hongdou home clothing Sales Co., Ltd

  • Booth No.:1B03
  • Brand:Red bean home
  • Business Nature:生产商
  • Product Catagory: 内衣 家居服-LEISURE-WEAR 内裤-UNDERPANTS 袜子-SOCKS 婴幼童装-BABY-CLOTHES
  • Website:www.hodoth.com

Company Profile

Wuxi Hongdou home dressing Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hongdou Group, a key enterprise in Jiangsu Province. In 2008, the company transformed and launched the "red bean home" business chain mode. At present, the number of stores has reached more than 1700, covering Jiangsu, Hubei, Hebei, Shandong and other places. It has long-term strategic cooperation with Wanda, RT mart and other large-scale shoppingmall.

Hongdou home is devoted to be a fabric expert, adheres to the brand positioning of "born for comfort", and develops innovative categories: soft Hongdou plush, smooth Hongdou cotton, healthy and bacteriostatic yew, non dyed and less residual color textile, etc. it always serves the public consumers and creates "national underwear".

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