Retail Innovation + Intelligent Manufacturing Forum, SIUF China Underwear Summit invites you to talk

Published at :2019-11-27

From April 19th to 21st, China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Exhibition will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. During the exhibition, the SIUF China Underwear Summit will be held at the same time. The 2019 Summit will focus on the two major themes of innovative retail and intelligent manufacturing of the underwear industry Explore it.


In recent years, the pressure on the traditional manufacturing industry has been increasing, and the trend of reshuffle has been shown in 2018. The same is true of the underwear manufacturing industry: brand competition is becoming increasingly fierce due to serious product homogeneity; overcapacity is caused by the development model that does not meet market demand, and market demand has slowed down; rising labor costs and difficult transformation and upgrading have resulted in continuous reduction of profit costs ... Seek feasible The solution realizes intelligent production + channel innovation and transformation, and enhances core competitiveness under the impact of the market, which has become an urgent demand of underwear manufacturing enterprises.


Based on this, the China Underwear Summit (CIUF for short) will create a main forum in 2019 with two hot topics: “Retail Innovation in the New Era of Consumption” and “Innovation Empowerment • Intelligent Creation of the Future”. At the same time, government spokespersons, industry leaders and other industry heavyweight guests are invited to use multiple methods such as dry goods sharing, data release, policy interpretation, and experience summarization to directly and efficiently target the two urgently-improved profits of the enterprise channel and production in the new consumption era. Constraints to help underwear companies achieve steady transformation.

The China Underwear Summit (CIUF for short), as a high-end forum leading the cutting-edge thinking and practical innovation of China's underwear industry, has gathered and shared business wisdom in many forms such as speeches, high-end dialogues, and in-depth sharing for many years. Gathering many industry scholars, entrepreneurs, business elites, underwear industry experts, media, etc., it is a heavyweight communication platform for Chinese underwear industry professionals to look forward to the development trend of the Chinese underwear market and explore Chinese underwear business ideas and development opportunities and motivation.


Retail Conference, Breaking the New Consumer Era, Retail Innovation

In the new era of consumption, when traditional store sales become online and offline multi-platform collaborative sales; when consumer demand changes from simple and unified to customized and tiered, underwear manufacturing requires product innovation and channel innovation and user relationship management. Most of the effort.

At the "China Underwear Summit · Retail Conference", which will begin on the afternoon of April 19, Mr. Wang Yaomin, Director of the Consumer Products Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Vice Chairman of the China Business Association, and Director of the All-China Business Information Center, were invited to the scene. Release of China ’s underwear retail trends and data, authoritative interpretation of the current retail trends; more leading brands such as Red Bean Home, Urban Beauty, and Nomi Home share omni-channel retail innovation experience and user relationship management experience in the era of new users. From channels to users, retail innovation is effectively broken in the new consumer era.


Intelligent Manufacturing Development Forum, Innovation Empowers Leading the Future of Intelligent Manufacturing

With the weakening of the demographic dividend and the improvement of manpower policies, the labor cost of enterprises has been increasing, and intelligent production has become the key to breaking the situation. At the same time, with the formulation of the "Made in China 2025" strategic action plan for manufacturing power, the "innovation-driven" approach has also made intelligent manufacturing a development direction for the manufacturing industry to go hand in hand.

The underwear industry is a labor-intensive industry. The increase in labor costs and daily potential human risks are important factors that affect the stable development of the enterprise. Therefore, it is even more urgent to reduce labor dependence with intelligent transformation. In the afternoon of April 20th, CIUF2019 China Underwear Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Development Forum will focus on the core topic of "intelligence", from policy to experience, from information to methods, to provide multifaceted guidance for the intelligent transformation of underwear manufacturing enterprises. At the same time, the forum will invite Cao Tingrui, director of the Textile Division of the Consumer Goods Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information, and Du Yanbing, deputy secretary general and director of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the China Garment Association to attend the forum to discuss the intelligent manufacturing and development of the underwear industry; more top domestic manufacturing companies-Yu Leading companies in intelligent operations / services, such as Chentech Technology, Turka Benma Electromechanical Technology, bring intelligent manufacturing transformation and operation of underwear enterprises, intelligent factories and digital transformation, application and research of intelligent manufacturing MES system, industry 4.0 and other practical applications topic.

The main sub-forum talked about the hot spots, and the exhibitions were brilliant at the same time.

From April 19th to 20th, in the Forum Area of ​​Hall 4 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, in addition to the two main forums of the Retail Conference and the Intelligent Manufacturing Development Forum, CIUF2019 is based on the current market needs and corporate needs, and is set up for topics such as management experience, innovative technologies, and policy interpretation. Multiple sub-forums, talking about current hotspots, providing valuable guidance to the industry with authoritative voices and in-depth exchanges. Stay tuned!

(Note: For detailed meeting schedule and guests present, please refer to the conference site announcement)

At the same time, on April 19-21, at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, China Underwear Culture Week and China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Exhibition (SIUF) will be held concurrently with CIUF, as the key support exhibition of the Ministry of Commerce, leading for 14 consecutive years. The domestic and international underwear industry weathervane exhibition for the development of the domestic and foreign underwear industry will combine 800+ exhibitors and 150,000+ audiences to gather together, combine display and forum, and meet and share, based on the exhibition display, Focusing on the dry goods refining of the forum, we will serve the industry efficiently. Register now to enjoy the exhibition privileges!