China International Underwear Forum

Since 2013, it is committed to creating a wisdom platform for in-depth sharing and communication of underwear and a heavyweight exchange platform for brainstorming of Chinese underwear industry people. SIUF China Underwear Summit brings together hundreds of people. It is a summit event for zero-distance interaction of industry elites of experts in the underwear industry, commerce, e-commerce, brands, terminals, media, design and other practical experience sharing, analyzing the development trend of the underwear industry, high-end dialogue insight into the future direction of the fashion industry, comprehensive interpretation of the development mode of China's underwear.


U30 Global Lingerie Industry Summit

U30 Global Lingerie Industry Summit is the most important roundtable meeting of multi-industry underwear industry chain in the Guangming district venue of China Underwear Culture Week. It is also an underwear industry event with great scientific concentration, which is of great significance to the transformation and upgrading of  underwear industry and the inheritance and development of underwear culture. The summit invited more than 30 representatives of the global underwear industry ecosystem, including leading brands in the underwear industry, global  fashion trend publishing agencies, supply chains, manufacturing benchmarking enterprises, industry colleges, research institutions, mainstream traffic platforms and marketing experts.


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